Unified log, metric, and trace analytics for any stack

A new observability experience for the modern engineer

We know engineers love open source. So we supercharged the best open source monitoring tools — including ELK, Prometheus, and Jaeger — and unified them on a scalable SaaS platform.

Step up your dashboarding

Visualize your data on easy-to-use and customizable monitoring dashboards.

Centralize your monitoring data

Collect and analyze your logs, metrics, and traces on one unified platform for end-to-end monitoring.

Alert on critical events in real-time

Quickly respond to new events with alerting to Slack, PagerDuty, Gmail, and other end points.

Surface issues with AI/ML

Human-coached AI/ML automatically uncovers errors and exceptions in your logs.

Unprecedented Visibility. Impeccable Reliability.

Companies need to ensure reliability into the health and performance of complex infrastructure and applications to prevent slow requests and bottlenecks that can cause content lag and viewer exits. Engineers use  our platform to collect and analyze monitoring data from their cloud environment to get an overview of their system’s health and user experience, and quickly drill into issues

Lacking visibility into poorly performing content can impede engagement with critical content like breaking news stories or new content launches. Our SaaS platform will seamlessly scale up during the busiest day of the year so you have the visibility needed to ensure your site and content is performing at its best during peak hours. We can handle any load, on any region, without requiring any effort from your team.

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We are based on the most popular monitoring technologies in the world, which easily integrate with today’s cloud environments.