Our Mission

Accelerate the journey from data to decisions, by augmenting human expertise and curiosity with intelligent automation

Our Story

We was born to close the massive insights gap caused by silos between business intelligence (BI) dashboards and machine learning (ML)/ AI tools that is preventing organizations from capturing new business opportunities hidden in their data. Businesses need to move beyond dashboards to acquire a new level of data intelligence to understand the reasons why metrics change and uncover granular insights that inform the best actions to take. Unfortunately, existing ML and AI tools are too complex for business users and analysts to work with and understand forcing organizations to spend a significant amount of time, resources, and advanced data science expertise to get actionable insights from their data.

We are committed to solving both essential and advanced cloud challenges, which is why we provide intelligent technology that simplifies and automates cloud use, alongside expert consultancy and unlimited technical support — all at no extra cost to our customers. Our technology portfolio is backed by deep multi-cloud expertise and includes valuable optimization, analytics and governance tools and capabilities.

We believe in a future where you can move seamless and effortlessly between exploring data, discovering unseen critical insights, developing new hypotheses, and acting on data-driven answers to drive business outcomes.Whether you are a future team member, partner, or customer, we welcome you to join us on the journey to make business intelligence truly intelligent.

Experienced Leadership